WhatsApp will let you mute videos before sharing


WhatsApp tests video silence for Android devices in its beta version

The instant messaging app WhatsApp is working on a new feature that would allow users to silence their videos before posting them to their friends and family or putting them as status.

As discovered by WABetaInfo, a website that tracks all WhatsApp news, the Facebook-owned company is now developing a video mute feature and it appeared in a beta update for Android devices.

In the screenshot shared by WhatsApp feature tracker, you can see the option to mute the video along with the trim option. right before a video is sent to someone on WhatsApp.

“After enabling advanced wallpaper features and disappearing messages, WhatsApp is working on new features now. The next feature, available in a future update, will allow you to mute videos before sending them to the contact or their status updates.” is read in a WABetaInfo report.

The new feature is still in development (app version; However, we can hope that this new WhatsApp tool will be available soon in the future. It should be mentioned that the option to mute video is already available on other social media platforms, such as Instagram or Twitter.

Mute WhatsApp videos before sending

A screenshot of the feature shows that users could turn off the sound by clicking the “speaker” button, found when editing the video. Currently, users can mute videos by converting them to GIFm, however this is limited to videos less than six seconds long and also further compresses the image quality.

With this new tool, after selecting a video to send to someone there will be an audio icon from where we can silence or reactivate the video clip before sending it.

At the moment, the feature has been detected for Android users but it is very likely that the company will implement it for iOS users very soon. Since the feature is still in development, there is no confirmation when it will be available to users.

Other recent WhatsApp news

Meanwhile, WhatsApp has also been working to offer the “Vacation Mode” feature for its users. The new vacation mode discussed in Somagnews is expected to give users the ability to keep the chat archived in an archive even when a new message arrives. At this time, every time a new chat arrives, the company will unarchive the chat and therefore by bringing the vacation mode you will be able to prevent archive chats from being unarchived.

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WhatsApp has also started rolling out advanced wallpaper features for more users. This function allows users to set a different wallpaper for each chat, although of course they can always choose between setting a wallpaper for all chats on WhatsApp, or manually selecting a different one for each chat.

The Facebook-owned company has also introduced disappearing messages, a feature very similar to that of Snapchat. As the name suggests, the function allows the user to send messages that will appear for a limited period of time, this means that the messages will be destroyed once the recipient has read the content of the chat. Clearly, disappearing messages will only be sent if the user has enabled the feature in the app settings.

To use the WhatsApp feature, you will first need to update the application to the latest version. WhatsApp Disappearing Messages comes with version 2.20.121 on iOS, which also brings features like a new storage management tool and always mute a chat.


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