WhatsApp will have the link between Android and iOS


WhatsApp should soon receive a feature that will allow the migration of the application’s conversation history between iOS and Android phones. The function, which is still in the testing phase, can currently only be performed through unofficial means.

The information was revealed on Monday (05) by the website WABetaInfo. According to the leak, the usage experience will be slightly modified in the software, since the tool will have to rewrite part of the application.

In addition to allowing the transfer of chats between different operating systems, the update should include other new features. WhatsApp Web can be used without the smartphone having an internet connection, for example.

As previously reported, an update is also being worked on to allow the use of the same application account on several different devices. As with the transfer of conversation history, the function is only accessible from unofficial programs.

There is still no date for the changes to be made available for download on the Play Store and App Store. Recently, WhatsApp has gained an update worldwide that allows you to search for stickers. In Brazil, the digital messenger has been enabled by the Central Bank to receive and send payments.

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