WhatsApp will fix full storage problems on your phone


WhatsApp will facilitate the option of freeing up space and managing your mobile phone storage with a new function

Capable of receiving not only text messages, but also photos, videos, GIFs and documents, it is easy to lose sight of the amount of multimedia material we have in the different WhatsApp chats, and the group thing is worse with so many people sending things.

The downside is that this has a direct impact on cell phone storage, which is filled with things that we do not need to have, or that we have in duplicate.

Free up space on your mobile through WhatsApp

Therefore, WhatsApp has decided to help the user to facilitate this task, launching new tools to free up space on the phone. The experts at WABetaInfo brought us a screenshot of the function and showed us how the new ‘Storage Usage’ interface works, which is divided into 3 sections:

The first section has a storage bar, useful to know the amount of space that the instant messaging application occupies in the memory of the mobile, including all the multimedia files that we have received.
The second section helps us to review all shared files, in order to eliminate those that are not necessary to free up space. Here we can see forwarded and large files, and also sort them), so that we can free up space quickly.
The third section contains the list of our chats. And it also brings the option to search for a specific conversation with another tool.


Currently in development, these tools have not even reached WhatsApp Beta, the test version of the news before its general implementation, so we do not know when they will arrive. But they will undoubtedly help many users to realize the amount of space that the messaging application is occupying on their mobiles.

Send files from your PC

WhatsApp Web allows you to send photos, videos and other files in their highest quality or resolution. Here we show you how to do it from the computer!

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You probably already know that, by default, WhatsApp reduces the quality of all the images and videos that you send automatically, something that can be annoying when your idea is to share a file in its maximum resolution.

Fortunately, there is a way to maintain the highest quality of the image or video you want to share, by sending it as a. In this guide we explain how to do it both from your mobile and on your PC through WhatsApp Web.

When taking a photo and sending it to our friends in the instant messaging application, the quality is automatically reduced, this is due to two reasons:

Data storage.
Memory saving.

Somehow WhatsApp optimizes resources for the best operation of the application, preventing the phone memory from filling up and reducing the use of the user’s mobile data. So before we bother we should be grateful for taking care of our pockets, but when we are on a WiFi connection this is no longer a problem.

In WhatsApp Web, the version for tablet and PC, the process to send good quality files is the same. Although the size restriction is still present in this version, it is at least possible to share images in their maximum resolution, either in individual or group chats. Open WhatsApp Web and log in if you haven’t already done so and follow these steps:

Enter a chat.

Tap the clip icon to attach a file, located in the upper right corner.
Choose the option “Document” and select the file you want to send with good quality from your computer.

To send a large file via WhatsApp, one of the quickest ways to do it is to upload the file in question to a cloud drive like Google Drive and then share the link. In this way, the other person can download the document on their mobile or computer.


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