WhatsApp will compel user to share data with Facebook


Starting in February, WhatsApp will require users to allow data sharing with Facebook in order to stay on the messenger. The change in terms of service and privacy policy is in a notification that started being sent by the app on Wednesday (6).

According to XDA, the warning makes it clear that sharing the phone number of those using the messaging platform, the IP address and interactions with people and companies, among other information, will become mandatory on February 8. .

The goal is to promote greater integration of WhatsApp with the other services belonging to the company led by Mark Zuckerberg, such as Facebook and Instagram itself, a process that had already been announced. The information can be used, for example, to display personalized ads.

The possibilities also include personalization of resources, suggestions from friends, group connections and content, improving the user experience. There is also a promise to facilitate payment for purchases through WhatsApp, with Facebook Pay.

Change of posture

The new terms of use of the messaging app promote a major upheaval in relation to what was said when Facebook bought WhatsApp in 2014. At the time, the social network guaranteed complete privacy of the data, confirming the option to not share them with other services.

As 9to5Mac remembers, a message on the messenger’s official blog, posted right after the negotiation, said: “Respect for your privacy is encoded in our DNA and we built WhatsApp around the goal of knowing as little as possible about you”.

However, the changes started in 2016, when data started to be shared by default between the two platforms. But unlike the next update, users had the option to opt out of sending their account information to the social network, making the request in the app settings.

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