WhatsApp will clean the photos and similar GIFs for you


WhatsApp is one of the applications where more files are shared. Videos, GIFs, music, photographs … and the most curious thing is that there is always the possibility that two contacts send you the same file through two or more different chats. What do you get with this? that you have several duplicate files on your mobile and that the internal space is easily reduced. But finally Facebook has dealt with the matter and WhatsApp will delete the duplicate files they send you for you.

Goodbye to duplicate files

Everything we have told you before sounds familiar, right? What is striking is that this occurs on a regular basis and there are still users who survive with an internal memory of 32 GB, if they have not expanded the memory of their device with a MicroSD card in the case of Android. And it is that the space is running out quickly between applications and the multimedia content that you generate.

But what happens if you add to this what they send you through messaging applications? the space is nothing. This means that you have an afternoon ahead to do a little cleaning on your smartphone, although this procedure is made much lighter with the new WhatsApp function.

And it is that the Menlo Park have listened to the pleas of the users and have finally put a tool for WhatsApp to clean the photos and similar GIFs for you. The operation starts from the detection of a lack of space in your terminal. When this happens, the app will not only let you know through a notification, but by pressing it you will have access to a file manager.

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This will tell you in a graph the space that downloaded files from WhatsApp occupy on your mobile, but it has an extra function. The application will tell you which files have been forwarded and of which you have a copy on your smartphone, a process that also allows you to select them all as if you were using your gallery. With a simple click all the photos and videos will disappear and you will recover space on your terminal.

Other methods to avoid collapse

The new WhatsApp function that allows you to delete duplicate photos and GIFs is a good initiative from Menlo Park to help you clean your phone, but there is a much more drastic measure. If you want to avoid all the dumping of information on your smartphone as it arrives, the messaging app lets you choose whether downloads are blocked as long as you are connected to a WiFi network.


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