WhatsApp will block anyone who does not accept facebook


Acquired by Facebook in 2014, WhatsApp, starting on February 8, will integrate once and for all on the social network – and those who do not want to share data between platforms can go on saying goodbye to the app and looking for alternatives. With the change in terms of service and privacy policy announced to users through notifications, those who do not accept the news will be suspended.

The agreement implies the granting of messages, IP address and interactions with people and companies, among other information, to Mark Zuckerberg’s giant. For now, it is possible to postpone acceptance by selecting the “Not now” option; however, after the deadline, using the resource will no longer be an option.

“The account is not deleted, but remains unavailable until the user accepts the new privacy policy,” a WhatsApp spokesman explained to Tilt. Such changes will also affect the corporate version of the tool.

Avoiding is simple, says the company

By further unifying the platforms, WhatsApp Business customer data, such as name, phone number, handset, transactions and payments, as well as other anonymous information, will be automatically shared with the corporate Facebook accounts of the companies that have the option.

On the other hand, the company emphasizes, content of conversations, messages, photos, videos and audios will continue to be encrypted from end to end – protected and with restricted access to each person with a profile in the app.

“Each user will be notified within the conversation if the company he is talking to has chosen to use Facebook to manage and store their WhatsApp messages,” he says, which eliminates the power of choice of who uses it.


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