WhatsApp Will Allow You To Listen To Audio Before Sending

WhatsApp should soon receive a button that will allow you to hear audios before sending. The novelty will be available as a button called “Review”, which will appear after recording the content of the sound message.

The functionality is available in limited tests on WhatsApp. A video published by the website WA Beta Info shows the current stage of the function, which still has no date to reach all users of the app.

After the audio recording is finished, the app interface displays a player that allows you to listen to the message in full and also skip to specific parts of the content. The user can listen by clicking on the “Review” button, in addition to canceling the recording in the “Cancel” option

Unlike what happens today, audio is not sent automatically when the recording is finished and reviewed. The message is only sent when the user clicks the button in the shape of an airplane.

WhatsApp already allows you to listen to audio messages before sending by closing the chat window or closing the app, which turns the recording into a player with the captured content. Still, the solution is not official and can only be used because of a flaw in the application.

The new audio review button promises to facilitate the process of checking audio content before uploading, as it will be integrated into the upload interface, just like Twitter, for example. So far, however, there is no estimate of when the function will be launched in a comprehensive manner.



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