WhatsApp will allow you to ignore conversations


WhatsApp prepares a function that will allow you to ignore conversations more easily

WhatsApp has started testing a new feature known as “Read Later” that updates the current option to archive messages and takes this concept a little further.

Currently archived chats on WhatsApp Messenger work a bit like email. They are not removed and are out of sight / out of mind until the other party involved decides to message you again.

Read Later works the same way, but now it will automatically mute all notifications in an archived thread. In other words, the chats will be muted and will no longer appear in your inbox.

You can check the Read Later section to see if any updates have been made, but this should be a deliberate choice on your part. This is different from the normal chat muting that already exists in the app.

WhatsApp try Read Later on iOS

The feature is being tested on beta versions of iOS, but since Facebook tends to retain WhatsApp features until it can prepare for a cross-platform release, it is expected to launch on both platforms at the same time.

As we have reported in Somagnews, Facebook has just added a self-destructing messages feature to WhatsApp, Instagram, and Messenger.

Read Later may seem like an unrelated feature, but we’ve always been able to mute and ignore individual chats in other Facebook apps in a similar way to how Read Later works, and now WhatsApp is aligning itself with this trend.

Facebook may not be merging WhatsApp with Messenger yet, but in the meantime it is doing its part to ensure feature parity.

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