WhatsApp will allow the use of the same account on multiple devices


WhatsApp is testing a new feature that is long awaited by the community. It is the function of allowing you to use the same account logged in at the same time on multiple devices. The novelty was introduced for the first time in version 2.20.110 of those who are part of the messenger Beta testing program. Previous rumors already indicated that the tool would bring the novelty at some point.

According to the website WABetaInfo, the function is quite simple to activate and allows you to use the same WhatsApp profile simultaneously on a mobile phone and a tablet, for example – something very useful for those who use the app for business contacts or have no battery in one of the devices, for example.

It is worth remembering that this is not the same as logging in via WhatsApp Web in the browser, for example, since this feature is just an “emulation” of the messenger screen. In the case under development, it is the same account activated in the application, as well as the rival Telegram already allows. The login form must involve the registered phone number and a confirmation message.

It may take
The novelty identified in the Beta is a message at the top of a new conversation started. There, there is a message that notifies you if a new device has been added or removed from the list of authorized and logged devices. This type of warning is necessary because it generates changes to the platform’s encryption keys – and had already been identified a few days ago in the application code.

According to WABetaInfo, the function is still “under development”, but is considered a priority by the team. Still, it should take a few months to get ready and be launched in the stable messenger – more or less as it did with Dark Mode in the app.


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