WhatsApp Web: You can spy on the speech of the infidels.


WhatsApp Web now has competition with a new app that will allow you to spy on the conversations of your partner or whoever it is to discover if they are unfaithful to you.

WhatsApp web has become one of the most popular apps of the moment, and despite not having been in operation for so many years, a myriad of tricks, extensions and apps have been created to make it easier to use.

Something that has always been desired on WhatsApp is being able to spy on conversations, especially by people who believe that their partners are being unfaithful to them, something that they will finally be able to achieve with this incredible trick.

In social networks, a Tik Tok user revealed the easiest way to hack WhatsApp and have a version similar to WhatsApp Web, where you can see all the conversations of the person you want to spy on.

Whatsapp web becomes the terror of the infidels

Although this trick is quite interesting for people who need to know sensitive information or discover if they are unfaithful, it is not as simple as opening WhatsApp with the scanner on your mac or pc.

To be able to carry out this trick you need to download an application called ‘Whats chat, which is available for both iOS and Android, and when you download it, all you have to do is start it and log in.

First of all, we remind you that at Somagnews we support privacy, so the use of this app is at your own risk and responsibility, since it is not recommended to violate the privacy of others.

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How does whats chat work on WhatsApp Web?

To have access to the conversations of the person you want to spy on, you must open the app and go to the section called ‘whats chat’, which will open a panel with a QR code, very similar to WhatsApp Web on a pc or laptop.

For this, you must already have the cell phone of your partner or the person you want to spy on hand, and you only have to scan the code to be able to access, and voila, you will have access to old conversations and the one that is in progress.

It is worth mentioning that this trick is not eternal or 100% discreet, since you can access the conversations as long as the cell phone of your target does not use it to enter a team, say for example WhatsApp Web in their office.


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