WhatsApp Web Will Receive More Image Editing Tools


WhatsApp Web: Among the features regularly tested by WhatsApp within its beta updates, a new version – number – is bringing news about drawing tools ready to work on Android, in addition to other changes for the web platform. According to the WABetaInfo website, which monitors trial versions of applications, the features involve using new pencils for image editing.

While the changes are still under development, the idea seems to be to add two different pencils for drawing on images and videos, allowing messaging app users to have a more personalized experience. According to the publication, two new pencils will be made available, one thicker and one thinner than the existing one today.

How will WhatsApp’s new pencils work?

The expectation is that the thicker pencil created in the beta version of WhatsApp for Android can introduce new colors in the chat elements of the interface. The image above shows the new interface that is being tested on mobile phones with the Google system.

According to the testers, the desktop messenger platform may receive a new dark green hue in the chat bubbles. While the tool is still disabled by default in beta, it should work when Dark Mode is enabled.

Among the changes noticed and announced are also a new blue tone in the app’s background and in the main screen’s conversation bar, in addition to an unprecedented message reaction management that is being tested on iOS. The feature could work like Facebook, showing which users reacted to or liked your messages, and which emojis were used, which could be a useful tool for testing by content producers.