WhatsApp Web will no longer work in that browser!


Although WhatsApp Web is not as popular as it is on the mobile side, millions of people use this version while doing their work on their computers. While the web version of the popular application continues to incorporate some features, just like the mobile side, a new news came from Microsoft. WhatsApp Web will not work in the old browser.

WhatsApp Web will not work in the old browser

The Web version of WhatsApp will no longer work on older versions of Microsoft’s Edge browser. In fact, this browser, which does not address as many people as Google Chrome, still comes as the default browser on Windows PCs and some people continue to use this browser. You know, Microsoft unplugged the Internet Explorer browser and switched to a revamped browser named Edge.

WhatsApp Web eski tarayıcıda çalışmayacak

Microsoft released the Chromium-based version of the Edge browser and received positive reviews from users. However, Edge seems to be destined to be like Explorer, as the Web version of the popular WhatsApp will no longer work for older versions of the browser. With the loss of support, there is an impression that Microsoft will actually focus on the Chromium-based version.

It is known that Microsoft Edge has made great efforts to adopt the Chromium version as standard. It also shows that previous versions of this browser are being phased out quickly. This is because Microsoft wanted to position itself as a competitor in a browser space that has been completely dominated by Google Chrome for more than a decade.

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