WhatsApp Web: WhatsApp 2020 Updates and Tricks


The most complete and updated guide with all the WhatsApp Web tricks of 2020 so that you can make the most of this application

Regardless of the operating system that the user prefers, from a mobile device to a PC, WhatsApp and WhatsApp Web have become one of the most important means of instant communication in recent years and here we collect all the tricks so far in 2020 .

WhatsApp Web is the desktop tool for computers with an instant messaging service, which allows access to the application without having the phone in hand. This guide teaches the most basic aspects to use WhatsApp Web without any problem, in the case of beginners; but it also includes the most advanced features and the latest updates to have the most complete domain in no time.

How to use WhatsApp Web on the computer

As mentioned above, users can use WhatsApp Web on their computers thanks to the Web version, following these steps:

Open the WhatsApp web page from the browser.
Open WhatsApp from the phone.
In the Menu there is a section for WhatsApp Web.
Once inside, the QR code displayed by the computer must be scanned.

Ready! After scanning the code, the WhatsApp Web session will open to start sending and receiving messages from the computer, although it is important to mention that the connection depends on the mobile device, so it is necessary that the phone be connected to the network to maintain session open.

Another way to use WhatsApp on a PC, without having to open the browser is Desktop, the official application for MacOS and Windows that integrates a better user experience with functions similar to those of the mobile.

WhatsApp Desktop for PC offers the same functions as the Web version, but it has some advantages since it is an application in shape, that is, it can be configured like any other so that it starts when the computer is on, avoiding the navigation process and QR. codes.

How to use WhatsApp Web on a tablet
The process to log into WhatsApp Web from a tablet is very similar to that of the computer, although there will be some limitations, depending on the browser configuration, which is usually adapted to the mobile version.

You must first open your preferred browser and activate desktop mode.

The next step is to repeat the process on a PC, to scan the QR code that WhatsApp Web displays on the tablet.

How to use WhatsApp Web on a mobile phone

Although users generally have their WhatsApp account directly in the mobile application, it is also possible to use the Web version on phones, however an additional device is necessary to achieve this, since there is no way to open WhatsApp and WhatsApp Web simultaneously.

In case of scanning the WhatsApp BIDI Web from an Android device, it will be redirected to the mobile application, so a second phone will be necessary to carry out the process.

You must first enter WhatsApp Web from the additional device.

In the browser, desktop mode must be activated.

The next step is to scan the QR code of the main phone that has the WhatsApp account.

Finally, WhatsApp Web will be activated on the additional mobile device, so it will be working on both phones.

This would also be a way to have the same WhatsApp account open on two different phones, which although it is a functional option, WhatsApp Web is not optimized for mobile devices.

Limitations of WhatsApp Web

The different tools that WhatsApp Web offers make it a very complete option to send and receive messages, voice notes, share multimedia files, etc. However, there are certain limitations regarding the mobile app:

Add filters to photos
Share location
Voice calls
Video calls
Set privacy
Set phone number change
Set up automatic downloads
Check data usage
Upload stories
Add contacts
Create broadcast lists

The same happens when WhatsApp Web is used on a mobile device, since the platform is not optimized for this format, so users can have a much slower and more uncomfortable experience, although through Android permissions they can be sent files, messages, voice memos, etc. as in the web version or the desktop application for PC.

WhatsApp web tricks

After understanding the basic operation of WhatsApp Web, the next step is to know some tricks to get the most out of all the tools and shortcuts.

Check open sessions

Controlling active WhatsApp sessions is one of the main security features available. From the web platform, you can check if you are logged into the settings, and you can even choose “Close all sessions” to scan the QR code again.

It should be considered that WhatsApp Web allows only one active session, so when you log in to another browser or device, the one that was previously opened will be closed.

Keyboard shortcuts

Moving around the application can be much faster and more practical through keyboard shortcuts, and here we share the list of available options

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Ctrl + N: New chat.

Ctrl + Shift +]: next chat.

Ctrl + Shift + [: Previous chat.

Ctrl + E: Archive the conversation.

Ctrl + Shift + M: mute the conversation.

Ctrl + Backspace: delete the conversation.

Ctrl + Shift + U: mark as unread.

Ctrl + Shift + N: create a new group.

Ctrl + P: open the profile.

Alt + F4: close the chat window.

Attach files

The procedure for attaching files in WhatsApp Web is practically the same as in mobile devices, with the exception of sharing the location, that is, there are only four options in the menu:

Open your PC camera to take and send a photo
Send documents from file explorer
Send contacts
Voice notes
Read messages without anyone knowing

Knowing the content of a message on WhatsApp Web without leaving the read notification is possible, simply by placing the computer cursor on the received message, without opening the conversation. This will show a kind of little chat preview, so the blue popcorn won’t show up to the other user because the conversation wasn’t actually opened.

Multiple WhatsApp web accounts

Users who have several phone numbers can easily open more than one session on WhatsApp Web thanks to an option offered by browsers: the incognito window. When opening the browser in this mode, you can follow the entire procedure to log in without affecting the one used previously.

Emoji shortcuts

Undoubtedly, conversations on WhatsApp are full of emojis that are added or modified after a certain time, but in many cases it is difficult to find the ideal one among so many options and sections of the available library.

To do a quick search for emojis on WhatsApp Web, you have to write a word with a colon before it, then the service will offer different emoji suggestions.

Transfer files from phone to PC

Although WhatsApp falls short in using its own cloud compared to other messaging services like Telegram, there is a way to take advantage of it. Just create a group that only your own account is in, so you will have to add any contact and delete it right away. Done! Send any file or document by this means.

By sending files in your own conversation from a computer, it will be possible to view and save all the documents on the phone, and the same happens in reverse, so this is a great trick to transfer files between your devices quickly and safely , at least for all those that do not exceed the allowed size of documents.

Create WhatsApp web shortcut

Sometimes it is very tedious to go through the entire procedure to access WhatsApp Web, so adding a shortcut to the site can save you time and effort.

To have direct access to WhatsApp Web, you just have to open the browser of your choice and add it to the home screen. As it is not a progressive web application, the icon that will appear is that of your browser and not that of WhatsApp, so there will be no way to confuse it with the application.

WhatsApp web tricks 2020

How to log into WhatsApp Web without a QR code. Say goodbye to insecure emulators and follow these steps to open a WhatsApp account without scanning the QR code from time to time on a computer.

Download the WhatsApp application on your PC.

Scan the QR code.

Instead of logging out of your computer, choose the option to suspend.

Now all the programs that were active, including WhatsApp Web, will remain open and therefore, you will not have to scan the code again.

It is important to note that the session opened in WhatsApp Web will be seen from the cell phone, but you can skip the notification. Also, messages received in the future will not reach the computer when you leave it, at least until you log back in. In other words, it is necessary to have the phone nearby for a connection to be established between the two devices.

Record voice memos hands-free

To activate the hands-free recording function, simply press and hold the microphone icon and slide it up. Now you can drop the device and the voice memo will continue to record.

Featured posts

You can mark your most important messages with the “star” mark indicating those key texts. To activate them, press and hold the message to be highlighted and choose the star icon.

On Apple devices, starred messages are saved in Settings and on Android phones, go to More options and then Starred messages.

Read WhatsApp messages without touching the phone

The easiest way to access WhatsApp chats is through the desktop application, which works as a conversation projector. In addition, you can also send images, GIFs, stickers and more, without having to carry your cell phone.


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