WhatsApp Web: how to use reactions in messages


It is possible to use reactions in WhatsApp conversations with the help of the WA Web Plus extension on the PC. The feature, which does not exist natively in the app, nor in the web version, is similar to reactions in Facebook posts. The tool is useful for those who want to send a quick reply in chats with friends or in groups. Reactions are received as an emoji by others in the conversation. That way, they don’t need to install the plugin for the feature to work.

The WA Web Plus extension is available for free download from the Chrome Web Store and can be downloaded from Chrome and Microsoft Edge. Next, see how to use reactions on WhatsApp Web.

Step 1. Access the WA Web Plus download page on TechTudo and click “Download”;

Step 2. Click on “Use in Chrome” to download the tool;

Step 3. Then, click “Add extension” to confirm the installation on Chrome;

Step 4. Click on the extension icon and press the “WhatsApp Web” button to start the messenger on the PC;

Step 5. Click the extension icon again to view the options;

Step 6. At that moment, select the option “Enable message reactions”;

Step 7. Rest the mouse pointer on a received message and click on one of the reactions;

Step 8. The reaction will be sent as an emoji response, as shown in the image below.

Take advantage of the tip to answer your friends on WhatsApp more quickly.


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