WhatsApp Web tips to work for you


In this article, we will give you a few simple WhatsApp Web tips to make WhatsApp Web better than it is. It is an easy way to use WhatsApp on any computer, as long as you have a phone to log in to WhatsApp Web. Here are WhatsApp Web tips that will work for you

WhatsApp Web tips to work for you
First, Learn WhatsApp Web’s Keyboard Shortcuts

To get all the benefits of using WhatsApp Web on your computer, you need to learn some keyboard shortcuts.

List of keyboard shortcuts that work on WhatsApp Web:

Ctrl + N: Start a new chat

Ctrl + Shift +]: Next chat

Ctrl + Shift + (: Previous chat

Ctrl + E: Archive chat

Ctrl + Shift + M: Mute chat

Ctrl + Backspace (Delete): Delete Chat

Ctrl + Shift + U: Mark as unread

Ctrl + Shift + N: Create new group

Ctrl + P: Open profile state

Make emojis with the keyboard

Without emojis in instant messaging, it would be incomplete. But switching from the keyboard to the mouse, clicking the emoji icon next to the text box, and then finding the right emoji can get tricky. There is a faster WhatsApp Web trick for keyboard warriors.

In the Normal text box, type the colon (Shift +; /: Key) followed by the first two letters of the expression you want to express. You will see a matching emoji that changes with every letter you type.

Use the keyboard arrow keys to switch between displayed emojis. Press Enter to use it.

You can also access the emojis, stickers and GIFs button by pressing Shift + TAB keys in any chat window. This will highlight the emoji icon, so press Enter to open the emojis, stickers, and GIFs menu. Press TAB and Shift + TAB to switch between the three options. Navigate the menu with the arrow keys.

Read Messages Without Blue Tick Notifications

Unless you turn off the blue tick, people can see the exact time you read their texts. You can turn off read receipts on your phone if you want to disable this, but instead of doing that, there is a WhatsApp Web trick that is really good.

If you’re talking to someone on WhatsApp and want to read their messages without receiving a read receipt, here’s what you need to do:

Open the chat in your WhatsApp Web window.

Open a Notepad file (or another window) and change its size so that you can see the entire WhatsApp Web chat in the background.

Click on the Notepad file and keep your cursor there. This is an important step as the computer thinks you are working in a different window.

Messages will be loaded in the background chat window where you can see them, without being marked as read with blue ticks. Right now, there will be double gray marks, meaning the messages were received by you but not read.

When it’s okay to mark it as read, click on the WhatsApp Web chat window and these marks will instantly turn blue.

The limitation of this method is that you can only read the content of one chat at a time.


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