WhatsApp Web: Tips that every user should know


Here are some WhatsApp Web tricks that will make the application better than it already is.

WhatsApp Web is the easy way to use WhatsApp on any computer in the world, as long as you have your phone to log in. Once you know how to use WhatsApp Web on your PC, these tips and tricks will make WhatsApp Web even better.

Now that you know the basics of using WhatsApp Web, including what you can and cannot do, it’s time to improve WhatsApp Web with some simple tips and tricks.

WhatsApp Web tricks you should know

1. Learn the keyboard shortcuts for WhatsApp Web

To get the most out of using WhatsApp Web on your computer, you need to learn a few keyboard shortcuts. These can turn you into a ninja who writes and does everything a little faster. Here is a list of keyboard shortcuts that work on WhatsApp Web:

Ctrl + N: start a new chat

Ctrl + Shift +]: next chat

Ctrl + Shift + [: previous chat

Ctrl + E: Archive chat

Ctrl + Shift + M: Mute chat

Ctrl + Backspace: delete chat

Ctrl + Shift + U: mark as unread

Ctrl + Shift + N: create a new group

Ctrl + P: open profile status

2. Type and search emojis with a keyboard

Instant messaging feels incomplete without emojis. But it takes forever to switch from keyboard to mouse, click the emoji icon next to the text box, and then find the correct emoji. There is a faster WhatsApp web hack for keyboard warriors.

In the normal text box, type a colon (Shift +; /: key) followed by the first two letters of the emotion you want to express. You will receive a message of matching emojis that will change with each letter you type.

4. Use multiple WhatsApp accounts on the same PC

Some people have two phones with separate WhatsApp accounts, or maybe you use a dual SIM phone with multiple WhatsApp apps. If you want to run two WhatsApp web accounts on your computer, you can’t just open two tabs in Chrome and log in separately.

The best WhatsApp Web trick for using multiple accounts is to open an incognito window or a different browser. So if you have an account logged into Chrome, start a new window in incognito mode or start a second browser and go to WhatsApp Web through that. Log in as you normally would, using your other account to read the QR code.

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5. Read messages without blue mark notifications

As long as you have those blue checkmarks enabled, people can see the exact time you read your text. You can disable Read Receipts on your phone if you want to disable this, but there is a cool WhatsApp web hack to fix it.

If you are talking to someone on WhatsApp and want to read their messages without receiving a read receipt, this is what you should do:

Open the chat in your WhatsApp web window.
Open a file from Notepad (or any other window) and resize it so you can see the full WhatsApp web chat in the background.
Click on the file in Notepad and hold your cursor there. This is the critical step, as the computer thinks you are working in a different window.
The messages will be loaded into the background chat window, which you can see, without being marked as read with the blue ticks. At this point they will be gray double ticks, which means that you receive the messages, but do not read them.
When you agree to mark them as read, click on the WhatsApp web chat window and those marks will instantly turn blue.

The limitation of this method is that you can only read the content of one chat at a time. But how often do you need to use this WhatsApp web hack anyway?

6. Download the WAToolkit extension to see message previews

On WAToolkit, Chrome users have a great extension for adding additional features to WhatsApp Web. It adds two cool tricks to WhatsApp Web’s built-in features, including one that lets you reread conversations without activating the read receipt.

Background Notifications: When you receive a new message on WhatsApp, you no longer need to switch to the WhatsApp Web tab to read it. The WAToolkit icon badge shows how many unread messages you have. Hover over the icon and you can preview the messages, without registering them as read in your main chat.

Full-width chat bubbles: By default, WhatsApp Web does not extend a person’s chat bubble to the full width of the chat window. That’s why you get multi-line text when it easily fits on a single line in your wide desktop window. WAToolkit fixes this by changing the text bubbles to full width.


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