WhatsApp Web: The 5 best extensions of 2020


These extensions for WhatsApp Web for Firefox and Chrome will add excellent tools to the application on your computer.

WhatsApp Web, the browser version of the world’s most common instant messaging app, is a brilliant option for those who need to send and receive messages via computers.

The application allows the exchange of messages and files, the creation of groups and the possibility of receiving notifications on the desktop.

Although not all the functions of the WhatsApp mobile application are present in the browser version, we still have several free browser extensions for Google Chrome with which we can add interesting tools.

If you are interested in knowing the five best extensions for WhatsApp Web of 2020, keep reading. Somagnews brings you a complete list with download links.

Best extensions for WhatsApp Web 2020

To connect to WhatsApp Web, users simply have to open https://web.whatsapp.com in their browser of choice, where they will see a QR code. Once the code is scanned, users can access their WhatsApp account on the desktop, which has been paired with the mobile version.

1. Privacy Extension for WhatsApp Web (Chrome and Firefox)

The extension is perfect for those who use WhatsApp Web at work. Or in another environment with many people and you want to maintain privacy. This extension hides desired content and adds blur to pictures, messages and contact names.

This extension is accessible for Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox users. Although there is only the English version, using it in the browser is very easy. You have to click on the extension and activate the options you want to hide.

2. WA Toolkit (Google Chrome)

With WA Toolkit, you can receive notifications of your messages without opening the WhatsApp Web tab in the browser and organize the notifications in the web version. Then you can see how many conversations have new messages with a direct path to the platform.

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3. Direct Message for WhatsApp (Google Chrome)

WhatsApp Web does not have a built-in function to send messages to new contacts. So you need to add them or use a particular link to access the number.

With this extension, from Google Chrome you just have to enter the phone in the “Number” field. Or write in the “Message” section and click “Send”. From that moment on, it will be possible to chat with a contact without adding it.

4. WA Web Plus (Google Chrome)

WA Web Plus is one of the most extensive extensions found in the Chrome Web Store. It provides many privacy preferences, such as the ability to blur messages and not show the play approval icon in audio messages. And hide the online status in the browser, so you can be on WhatsApp Web in invisible mode. In addition, it brings unique functions, such as the ability to react.

For WhatsApp Business users, the extension proposes options for scheduled messaging. Along with the organization of contacts, with free and paid plans. To use WA Web Plus, click on the extension icon and check the features you want to allow.

5. WhatStation (Google Chrome)

WhatStation is an interesting tool for anyone who works with digital marketing. Add WhatsApp Web with RD Station, a CRM catalog management platform. It is likely that you will configure the contacts in the messaging application and send them to the information present in the RD Station, in addition to enabling the steps to contact the customers.

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To use this WhatsApp Web extension on Google Chrome, click on the extension icon and log into the platform. Then a sidebar will show the features offered with each contact.


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