WhatsApp Web: Solving doubts about face unlocking


Since it was announced that WhatsApp would apply biometric unlocking on WhatsApp Web, doubts arose, here we clarify some.

At the beginning of January 2021 WhatsApp reported several changes, one of them was the fact that it would increase its security in its extension called WhatsApp Web, in order to provide users with more means to keep their chats safe.

Although in Somagnews we announced this new change in a timely manner, we have noticed that many people still have doubts regarding the update and security system.

When the option is available on your cell phone and you have completed the identity verification with biometrics, you can configure and use WhatsApp web on a regular basis. From WhatsApp you can ensure that the authentication is performed by the operating system of the user’s device, which indicates to the application if the verification has been completed.

One of the main doubts that we have detected is whether WhatsApp Web will take fingerprints and facials. Don’t worry, the courier company doesn’t have access to your face or fingerprint. This authentication process will only occur if you have configured the function on your device, which implies giving your consent for the processing of your biometric data.

What devices will be supported?

The compatible devices are: Apple with iOS 14, on iPhone 5S models onwards that have Touch ID or Face ID and for Android, with any mobile that has biometric authentication: facial, fingerprint or iris unlocking.

It is also likely that this new function will take a few days to reach all smartphones and in any case, it is advisable to check in the App store or Play Store if you have the latest version installed.

Close and log in to WhatsApp Web biometrically

To start using WhatsApp Web, go to the Web page or the Desktop app, first open WhatsApp on your phone, if it is Android, touch the more options icon (the three dots), on iPhone go to “Settings”; now touch “WhatsApp Web or WhatsApp Web / Desktop”.

On Android: tap pair device. If it allows biometric authentication, follow the instructions on the screen. iPhone: tap Pair a device> OK. In iOS 14 and later, use Touch ID or Face ID to unlock the phone.

On the QR code screen on the computer, check the checkbox next to “Stay logged in” to keep you logged in to that device.

Also use your phone to scan the QR code that appears on the computer and if prompted, touch or select “Done.”

To log out: You can log out of WhatsApp Web or WhatsApp Desktop from your phone or computer. If you want to do it on the PC: open WhatsApp Web or WhatsApp Desktop, click on the menu icon that is above the list of chats and click on “Close session”.

To exitfrom your phone, open the app in this, if you have Android touch the icon of more options, choose “WhatsApp Web”; on iPhone go to “Settings”, press “WhatsApp Web / Desktop”, select a device and touch “Close session”.


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