WhatsApp Web: Send emojis with these keyboard shortcuts


Practice these keyboard shortcuts to write emojis faster when you send a message on WhatsApp Web

Some emojis don’t need the colon and letter trick above because one of the best features of WhatsApp Web is to automatically convert them from the classic text emoticons. A helpful redditor pulled out the full list of automatically converted emoticons.

Again, learning these WhatsApp web keyboard shortcuts will make you type a lot faster if you practice them regularly.

That being said, this automatic conversion can be annoying for some people, so there is an easy solution to keep them as emoticons. All you need is a user script called WhatsApp Emoticon Preserver.

Install Tampermonkey, a cross-platform user script manager, in your browser of choice.
Go to WhatsApp Emoticon Preserver.
Click the blue Install button.
Update the WhatsApp Web tab in your browser.

Note that this will display emoticon characters on your screen, but the recipient will see them as emojis.

Type and search emojis with a keyboard

Instant messaging feels incomplete without emojis. But it takes forever to switch from keyboard to mouse, click the emoji icon next to the text box, and then find the correct emoji. There is a faster WhatsApp web hack for keyboard warriors.

In the normal text box, type a colon (Shift +; /: key) followed by the first two letters of the emotion you want to express. You will receive a message of matching emojis that will change with each letter you type.

: th will show this:

: thu will show this:

Use the arrow keys on your keyboard to toggle between the emojis displayed. Press Enter to accept.

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You can also access the emoji, stickers, and GIF buttons by pressing Shift + Tab in any chat window. This will highlight the emoji icon, so press Enter to open the menu of emojis, stickers, and GIFs. Press Tab and Shift + Tab to cycle through the three options. Navigate within your menu with the arrow keys.

It is a much faster way of typing and it will help you if you become familiar with the English emoji dictionary.


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