WhatsApp Web releases a new updated version


WhatsApp launches a new web version with bug fixes, update

WhatsApp has released a new update for its version of Android: update From WABetainfo it was detailed that the web releases include all the bug fixes implemented in the previous beta versions sent to the Play Store. “It’s like a launch candidate, a final beta.”

“If you are a beta tester, you should not update to, because it is a build reserved for everyone,” he said.

He indicated that the WhatsApp Web releases include all bug fixes implemented in the previous beta versions, sent to the Play Store. However, WhatsApp recommends that only real users and not those participating in a beta test download the latest update.

“If you are not a beta tester and would like to know if there is anything new in the update, you should visit the Android page,” he said.

Also, you can download the latest web version for Android from the official WhatsApp site.

WhatsApp Web beta test

WhatsApp does not recommend beta users to download the latest update, but what is beta testing? A software test includes the Alpha test, which is a test to identify bugs and problems by people within the organization. On the other hand, Beta Testing is what comes after Alpha that is done by people outside of organizations. Beta testing is considered one of the acceptance tests required to verify a software.

Beta testing is important to add value to software. As an end user or real user, beta testers evaluate the usability, compatibility, functionality, as well as the reliability of the software update. Also, once the software is tested, the input provided by beta testers will be important to improve the quality of the products so that they can contribute to the success of the software. Any improvement or improvisation will be greatly influenced by beta testing.

Because this new beta version of WhatsApp has been released to Google Beta, you can sign up to be a beta tester on their official site.


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