WhatsApp Web: It will stop working on computers


What is happening with WhatsApp Web? The app on the computer could disappear this 2021.

WhatsApp Web is one of the applications most used by people who spend most of their time on a computer, however, in La Verdad Noticias we bring you terrible news.

Although video calls and calls are expected on PC, this is not yet available in the web version of the famous messaging application.

Will WhatsApp Web disappear?

Currently the company of the fast messaging application has announced that its platform for the web version, WhatsApp Web, will not be compatible with some computers before the arrival of 2021.

Which are?

WhatsApp Web will stop working in 2021 in those people whose main browser is Microsoft Edge Legacy. That means that if you enter the PC app through that platform, you will get a message that it is not compatible.

The Facebook app has not released an exact date, but if you use Edge Legacy to access the internet, we suggest you can change it right now by downloading some of these browsers:

Google Chrome
Mozilla Firefox

If you want one of these browsers to be determined as official, you must perform the following steps: First download the program you want, then enter “Default applications” and click on “Web browser”. There choose the browser you downloaded.

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