WhatsApp Web: How to send bulk messages from your PC


Discover how to send mass messages from the computer using WhatsApp Web

The most popular messaging service in the world, WhatsApp, is a very useful tool to keep in direct and personal communication with your contacts, but it also offers business solutions to send bulk messages to a selection of phone numbers.

If you have used the broadcast lists in the WhatsApp mobile application, you will know what we are talking about, but you can also send this type of message without touching the phone from the computer through WhatsApp Web, so you will not need to download any type of external software.

Thanks to the web version of WhatsApp it is possible to read and send messages from a computer, more and more tools have even been added to be able to do practically the same thing as on the phone, from video calls, stickers, voice notes, group chats and lists diffusion.

Send mass messages on WhatsApp Web

To send mass messages from your PC, you will only need to open WhatsApp Web in your favorite browser to use the broadcast lists, a tool that was integrated into the messaging service for a long time but that you probably do not use frequently.

The main difference between traditional WhatsApp groups and broadcast lists is that the messages sent reach the contacts individually, that is, instead of opening a group chat where everyone can participate, a private conversation begins.

The maximum number of people is 256 and it is perfect for sending commercial notifications, personal announcements or important information, although special care must be taken with its use, since in some countries there are laws on the prior authorization to receive this type of messages.

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Create broadcast list from a PC

You can send messages to a broadcast list from your computer, but you will have to create it from your phone first as WhatsApp Web does not have the function yet.

On iOS devices:

Open WhatsApp
From the Chats tab swipe up
At the top of the conversations you will see the Broadcast Lists option
Click on New List and choose the people you want to integrate

On Android devices:

Open WhatsApp and go to the Chats tab
Enter the Menu, at the top
Click on New broadcast
Add to the contacts you want to send mass message

You can choose up to 256 phone numbers, but these must be added to your contact list and they in turn should have your WhatsApp saved so that messages can reach them.


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