WhatsApp Web: How to mute the status of your contacts?


WhatsApp Web is one of the most used instant messaging tools in recent years, but do you know all the tricks?

WhatsApp Web is one of the most used work tools in social networks and therefore the application has implemented several tricks that make it easier to use.

There are users who see how their friends and family do not use this feature, while in other cases it is likely that your friends and family will upload statuses continuously in the messaging application.

Luckily, a while ago the possibility of silencing contact statuses was introduced and we will tell you how in Somagnews.

This will allow you to stop seeing in WhatsApp Web the states that these people upload, since they are also hidden in this tab in the application. So you will not have to see those states that you are not interested in seeing.

Mute statuses on WhatsApp Web

For many users in the application these states are something unnecessary, which does not really contribute anything. For this reason, they have no interest in seeing the statuses of their contacts and even less those contacts that continuously upload statuses.

As in social networks, we can silence these states, so that you will not be able to see them anymore. The steps to do this are simple:

Open WhatsApp Web.
Go to the States tab.
Find the status of that person you want to mute.
Enter that state.
Click on the three dots icon in the upper right.
Click on mute.
Confirm your action by pressing mute again.

With these steps, the statuses of some of your contacts on WhatsApp Web are silenced. If there are more people you want to do this with, you will only have to repeat the same process with all of them, so that all their states will be silenced in the application.

The problem with this system is that a person has to upload a status in the application so that you can silence it. There is no way to do this if that person has not uploaded a statement on their account.


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