WhatsApp Web Gains Function To Speed Up Audio Messages


WhatsApp Web: After reaching the version of the app for iPhone, the function of accelerating audio is now being launched on WhatsApp Web, allowing the user to play voice messages at different speeds. According to WABetaInfo, the resource started to be released today (25).

Announced as a solution for those who receive long audio recordings and suffer to listen to them until the end, the tool offers three speed options. It is possible to speed up the playback of the recording by 1.5x and 2.0x, in addition to listening to it at normal speed (1.0x), selecting the desired alternative.

Users of the beta version of WhatsApp for Android were the first to know the news, released in April. In relation to the stable versions of the app, the function first came to iOS, and is now being launched for the Google operating system, in addition to being made available on the service used by the computer.

It is worth noting that the resource is also available in other similar services. One of the main competitors of the messenger belonging to Facebook, Telegram offers audio acceleration since 2018 in all its versions, except on the messenger web platform.

How to listen to accelerated audio on WhatsApp Web

Changing the playback speed of audio messages on WhatsApp Web is something that can be done in the same way as changing the service’s apps. Upon receiving a sound recording, the user will see the function icon in the place where traditionally the photo of the person who sent the audio is located.

By clicking on the “play” button, you will hear the sound at normal speed, as it was previously, and you will see the “1.0x” icon, highlighted on the screen. When pressing the icon once, the playback will be accelerated by 1.5x, while a new click doubles the speed, making the option “2.0x” appear.

The next time you open a voice message in the web version of WhatsApp, it will be played at the playback speed chosen last. And if you want to change it, just click on the icon, as described above, and select the desired alternative for that moment.

As the function is being rolled out gradually to the entire base, some users will not have immediate access to it.


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