WhatsApp Web: Enjoy the mobile experience on your PC


Very soon users will be able to enjoy new tools on WhatsApp Web

In a new discovery, a report revealed that voice and video calls will soon be possible on WhatsApp Web, the browser version of the online messaging app. This is to be expected, as Wabetainfo recently discovered voice and video icons in the web version of the app.

In what is believed to have been introduced in a recent series of app experimentation, the report claimed that some other icons were seen on the WhatsApp Web loading screen such as gallery, camera, contact, and messaging rooms.

WhatsApp Web is one of the computer extensions of a user’s account in the mobile application. Until this planned update, only a few functions are available in the app on your cell phone, such as sending and responding to chats, seeing the status, sending voice notes and creating groups and messaging rooms.

When the new features are fully rolled out on WhatsApp Web, this platform is expected to provide the same experience that users have on their mobile devices.

In the meantime, this could be a huge warm-up for a previously speculated update that will allow users to run an account on multiple devices.

After becoming the platform of choice for small businesses over the past year, the popular global messaging platform continues to implement several features to improve user experience and reduce misinformation, among others.

However, users still anticipate that the new updates will come with improved app security.

Check photos, videos and files shared on WhatsApp Web

WhatsApp Web also allows you to verify everything that is shared in the message application itself. However, if you may have deleted the file or photos from your phone, you won’t find it in the messaging app. The good thing is that it also has a search option for both documents and links. For media, you will have to scroll and manually search for the photo, which is pretty obvious.

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If you want to verify the photos, videos and files shared with a person on WhatsApp Web, follow these steps:

Open WhatsApp Web and select a person’s chat.
Visit the user’s profile.
Right there you will find an option that says Files, links and documents.


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