WhatsApp Web: Download contact statuses on PC


If you want to save the status of a contact on the computer, we will show you how to download it from WhatsApp Web

You will not need third-party applications or extensions to download WhatsApp Web status on your computer and here we will show you the trick to achieve it.

If you want to save the status of your friends directly on the PC or laptop computer, you are not the only one, since many users resort to free external programs that they found in Google to be able to download the statuses without the desired success.

Others even chose to download the files on their cell phone through applications that access conversations and personal data without their consent, but in today’s news, La Verdad brings you the safest trick for both cases: the mobile version and WhatsApp web. You will not need more than a simple design program integrated by default Paint.

Download WhatsApp Web statuses to PC

WhatsApp Web is one of the favorite alternatives for users who use the platform as a work tool, since it allows all the content of the mobile application to be reflected to the computer, including the statuses of friends and family.

If you are a fan of WhatsApp Status, then follow these steps to download it directly to your PC without so many programs:

Log in to WhatsApp Web as you normally do in your browser.
After scanning the QR code and go to the States section on the computer.
When you find the status of the contact you want to download, right click to copy the image.
Now open Paint or a design program that you already have on your computer and paste it.
Save the image on your desktop or in a folder that you can easily identify.

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Ready! This is the safest and simplest trick to download WhatsApp statuses from a Windows computer, but if you have a Mac, taking a selective screenshot would probably be the most practical.

The shortcut to capture a specific section of the screen is: CMD + Shift + 4 when pressing the combination of the three keys you will see that the mouse cursor changes to a small cross to start with the selection of the area you want to photograph. You just have to slide over the WhatsApp status while keeping the mouse pressed and when you release it you will see that an image is automatically saved on your desktop. You can also try Cmd + Shift + 3 to capture the entire desktop or Cmd + Shift + 5 to select a specific section or window.

Add music to your WhatsApp statuses

The trick to add music with lyrics to your WhatsApp statuses is on a page called Instadp, which allows you to download Instagram Stories with all the filters you have organized or the qualities you have added and share them again through other networks. To do this, follow this step by step:

Create an Instagram story, with the details you like the most, even song lyrics.
Post as you normally do
Now go to Instadp. On this web page you will see a “Search Engine” to write your username. Hitting “Enter” will show all the stories that are published.
Once you have found the one you want to share in WhatsApp status, click “Download.”

Ready, now it is possible to replicate the same story on WhatsApp.

An important point to achieve this trick is that your Instagram is “Public” so that the Instadp website can identify and find it quickly. The rest is a piece of cake, you can replicate stories on all your social networks.


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