WhatsApp Web and TRICK so no one sees you ‘online’


Do you want to be a ghost on WhatsApp Web? Learn about the sensational trick to be able to activate the “incognito mode” in the app.

In WhatsApp Web there is a sensational trick to become a ninja. It turns out that there is a secret button that some users use to go unnoticed in the popular fast messaging application.

It is a peculiar extension that you can download directly to Google Chrome. This is called WAIncognito and its purpose is that you can become a real ghost on WhatsApp Web.

It is worth mentioning that it is not necessary to have to configure your mobile device to prevent your friends from knowing that you are connected. With the “incognito mode” of WhatsApp Web you will be able to read your messages from your PC without having to be seen ‘online’.


The advantages of the incognito mode of WhatsApp Web

You can see the States without your contacts knowing.

You can schedule a message and even a counter will appear so that, if you regret it, you can erase the text without leaving a trace.

The classic blue double check will not appear when you view the WhatsApp message from the PC.

The ‘last seen’ message will not be seen either.

As we have mentioned in Somagnews, this application does not violate your privacy, as the extension will not be able to read your WhatsApp messages. It even has positive comments. Here you can download it

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