WhatsApp Web allows you to chat from your computer


WhatsApp is one of the applications that is not missing in almost any mobile in the world. Yes, there is a lot of competition in the sector of messaging apps, but it is a fact that this is the most pioneering and will continue to be present for a long time. But this does not mean that it is perfect and in Menlo Park they study the ways so that it reaches more users and they feel comfortable with it. That is why it works on new functions, among them is that of using WhatsApp Web without the need for an active mobile.

WhatsApp Web news in sight

In these times it is difficult to find generic applications that do not have a multi-device version. That is, there are apps that work well on your native device, but there are others that can work on other platforms so as not to lose sight of the notifications they send you. Some are not applications per se, as is the case of the one that we are going to present to you below.

And is that if you use WhatsApp on your smartphone it is possible that you use its version of the WhatsApp Web browser. It is very comfortable to use, but it has one thing that many users take in their minds and that is its synchronization system. And this is where Facebook is working to bring its users a great news that we will see soon.

Following what Wabetainfo has to say, the company is behind the development of a function that disconnects the phone from your activity on other devices. In other words: you can use WhatsApp Web even if your mobile is turned off. This is important since until now you needed yes or yes the terminal with coverage or battery to use the browser function.

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The data has been found in the latest test version of the application for Android phones. This is not to say that users of the bitten apple will not have future access to this feature. Quite the contrary, although it is possible that if the tests are good it will come out first on phones with Google software.

Finally something stable in a WhatsApp for tablets

You may think that this does not affect you much as a user of WhatsApp for smartphones, or a little if you use the Web version. For those who have a tablet of any system this will be a great advance. Until now the messaging app was not present in versions for large touch devices and the only option was to go through the browser and comply with the condition of the mobile on. Therefore, we will see an improvement in this field very soon.


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