WhatsApp Web: All the tricks of WhatsApp 2020


The most complete and updated guide with all the tricks of WhatsApp 2020 so that you get the most out of this application

Regardless of the user’s preferred operating system, from a mobile device to a PC, WhatsApp and WhatsApp Web have become one of the most important means of instant communication in recent years and here we collect all the tricks so far from 2020.

WhatsApp Web is the desktop tool for instant messaging service computers, allowing access to the app without having the phone in hand.

This guide teaches the most basic aspects to use WhatsApp Web without any problem, in the case of beginners; but it also includes the most advanced functions and latest updates to have the most complete domain in a very short time.

How to use WhatsApp Web on the computer

As previously mentioned, users can use WhatsApp Web on their computers thanks to the Web version, following these steps:

Open the WhatsApp Web page from the browser.
Open WhatsApp from the phone.
In the Menu there is a section for WhatsApp Web.
Once inside, the QR code displayed by the computer must be scanned.

Ready! After scanning the code, the WhatsApp Web session will be opened to start sending and receiving messages from the computer, although it is important to mention that the connection depends on the mobile device, so it is necessary that the phone be connected to the network to keep it open the session.

Another way to use WhatsApp on a PC, without having to open the browser is Desktop, the official application for MacOS and Windows that integrates a better user experience with functions similar to those of the mobile.

WhatsApp Desktop for PC offers the same functions as the Web version, but has some advantages as it is an application in shape, that is, it can be configured like any other to start when the computer is turned on, avoiding the browser process and QR codes .

How to use WhatsApp Web on a tablet

The process to log in to WhatsApp Web from a tablet is very similar to that of the computer, although there will be some limitations, depending on the browser configuration, which is usually adapted to the mobile version.

First you must open your preferred browser and activate desktop mode.

The next step is to repeat the process on a PC, to scan the QR code that WhatsApp Web shows on the tablet.

How to use WhatsApp Web on mobile phone

Although users generally have their WhatsApp account directly in the mobile application, it is also possible to use the Web version on phones, however an additional device is necessary to achieve this, since there is no way to open WhatsApp and WhatsApp Web simultaneously .

In case of scanning the WhatsApp Web BIDI from an Android device, it will be redirected to the mobile application, so a second phone will be needed to carry out the process.

First you must enter WhatsApp Web from the additional device.
In the browser, the desktop mode must be activated.
The next step is to scan the QR code from the main phone that has the WhatsApp account.

Finally, WhatsApp Web will be activated on the additional mobile device, so it will be working on both phones.

This would also be a way to have the same WhatsApp account open on two different phones, which although it is a functional option, WhatsApp Web is not optimized for mobile devices.

Limitations of WhatsApp Web

The different tools that WhatsApp Web offers make it a very complete option to send and receive messages, voice notes, share multimedia files, etc. However, there are certain limitations regarding the mobile application:

Add filters to photos
Share location
Voice calls
Video calls
Set privacy
Set phone number change
Set automatic downloads
Check data usage
Upload stories
Add contacts
Create broadcast lists

The same happens when using WhatsApp Web on a mobile device, as the platform is not optimized for this format, so users can have a much slower and more uncomfortable experience, although through Android permissions you can send files, messages , voice memos, etc. such as in the web version or desktop application for PC.

WhatsApp Web Tricks

After understanding the basic operation of WhatsApp Web, the next step is to know some tricks to get the best out of all the tools and shortcuts.

Check open sessions

Controlling active WhatsApp sessions is one of the main security features available. From the Web platform, you can check if you are logged in to the settings, and you can even choose “Close all sessions” to scan the QR code again.

It should be considered that WhatsApp Web allows only one active session, so that when you log in to another browser or device, the one that was previously opened will be closed.

Keyboard shortcuts

Moving through the application can be much faster and more practical through keyboard shortcuts, and here we share the list of available options

Ctrl + N: New chat.
Ctrl + Shift +]: Next chat.
Ctrl + Shift + [: Previous chat.
Ctrl + E: Archive the conversation.
Ctrl + Shift + M: Mute the conversation.
Ctrl + Backspace: Delete the conversation.
Ctrl + Shift + U: Mark as unread.
Ctrl + Shift + N: Create a new group.
Ctrl + P: Open the profile.
Alt + F4: Close the chat window.

Attach files

The procedure for attaching files in WhatsApp Web is practically the same as in mobile devices, with the exception of sharing the location, that is, there are only four options in the menu:

Open your PC camera to take and send a photo
Send documents from file explorer
Send contacts
Voice notes

Read messages without anyone knowing

Knowing the content of a message on WhatsApp Web without leaving the read notification is possible, simply by placing the computer cursor on the received message, without opening the conversation. This will show a kind of small preview of the chat, so the blue popcorn will not appear for the other user because the conversation was not actually opened.

Multiple WhatsApp Web accounts

Users who have several phone numbers can easily open more than one session on WhatsApp Web thanks to an option offered by browsers: the incognito window. By opening the browser in this mode, you can follow the entire procedure to log in without affecting the one previously used.

Emoji shortcuts

Undoubtedly, conversations on WhatsApp are full of emojis that are added or modified after a certain time, but in many cases it is difficult to find the ideal among so many options and sections of the available library.

To perform a quick search for emojis on WhatsApp Web, you must write a word with two points before it, then the service will offer different emoji suggestions.

Transfer files from phone to PC

Although WhatsApp falls short in the use of its own cloud compared to other messaging services such as Telegram, there is a way to take advantage of it. Simply create a group where only your own account is, so you will have to add any contact and remove it immediately. Done! Send any file or document by this means.

By sending files in your own conversation from a computer, it will be possible to view and save all the documents on the phone, and the same happens in reverse, so this is a great trick to transfer files between your devices quickly and safely, at least for all those who do not exceed the allowed size of documents.

Create WhatsApp Web Shortcut

Sometimes it is very tedious to go through the entire procedure to access WhatsApp Web, so adding a shortcut to the site can save you time and effort.

To have a direct access to WhatsApp Web, you just have to open the browser of your choice and add it to the home screen. As it is not a progressive web application, the icon that will appear is that of your browser and not that of WhatsApp, so there will be no way to confuse it with the app.

WhatsApp Web Cheats 2020

How to log into WhatsApp Web without QR code. Say goodbye to insecure emulators and follow these steps to open a WhatsApp account without scanning the QR code every so often on a computer.

Download the WhatsApp application on your PC.
Scan the QR code.
Instead of logging out of your computer, choose the option to suspend.

Now all the programs that were active, including WhatsApp Web, will remain open and therefore, you will not have to scan the code again.

It is important to note that the session open on WhatsApp Web will be seen from the cell phone, but you can skip the notification. In addition, messages received in the future will not reach the computer when you leave it, at least until you log in again. That is, it is necessary to have the phone nearby for a connection to be established between both devices.

Record voice memos hands-free

To activate the hands-free recording function, just press and hold the microphone icon and slide it up. Now you can drop the device and the voice memo will continue to record.

Featured posts

You can mark your most important messages with the “star” mark that indicates those key texts. To activate them, press and hold the message to be highlighted and choose the star-shaped icon.

On Apple devices, starred messages are saved in Settings and on Android phones go to More options and then Starred messages.

Read WhatsApp messages without touching the phone

The easiest way to access WhatsApp chats is through the desktop application, which works as a conversation projector. In addition, you can also send images, GIFs, stickers and more, without having to take your cell phone.

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Stickers on WhatsApp

Although emojis are a great tool to express all kinds of feelings, stickers have come to replace many of them, especially because of the great variety it offers to users. Stickers can be added in the section where you normally write the message in the chat. A small icon in the shape of a square with a bent corner will appear to the side and will open the section to view and add new stickers.

Read WhatsApp messages without appearing online

Hiding the read notification is not the ideal solution to open a chat without the person noticing that you have read the message. In the case of iPhone, it is best to lightly slide the text on the screen, to open it from the lock screen or notifications.

Control who adds you to WhatsApp groups

There is nothing more tedious than having to deal with a WhatsApp group full of strangers. This is the reason why there is a control to decide who can, or not, add you to a group. By enabling this option and determining the contacts that can add us, then they will be able to send an invitation link, and if we accept it we will be able to be part of the new group.

The path to find this function is Settings> Account> Security> Groups and select from the options: All, My contacts or My contacts except.

Configure WhatsApp groups

Having a large number of members in a WhatsApp group can be a big mess, but the platform allows the administrator to have greater control over the actions that other contacts can perform.

In the group Settings you can restrict image or name changes by clicking Edit group information.

Find out if you have been silenced on WhatsApp

There are three ways to know when someone has silenced you on WhatsApp in a simple way:

Direct message: this trick is very functional if you have your contact close to you. Try to send him a WhatsApp message to make sure he has received it on his phone, in case he has his device at hand and the notification does not arrive then you will know that you have been silenced.

Message from a friend: if there are still doubts, you can ask a friend to send a message to the contact you suspect, and if he answers quickly then surely you are silenced.

Group message: try to quote the contact in a WhatsApp group where you are together, so you can be sure that they will receive the WhatsApp message.

Find out who is spying on you on WhatsApp

You don’t need to download external applications to perform this trick and here we tell you how.

The first thing you should do is go to WhatsApp Settings and click on New Broadcast, then select all the contacts.

Now send a message like “Hello” to everyone who is broadcast and wait an hour or so or whatever you consider prudent for everyone to read your message.

Enter the Broadcast and go to the letter “i”, then the list will be displayed. Or it comes from people who received the message, where you will probably see some unknown numbers. These people have added you and you didn’t know it.

Alternatively you can perform the trick with your WhatsApp States. When you post something, you can see all the people who saw your status update, but remember that you must activate the “Everyone” option in your privacy settings so that you know those who are not in your contact list.

Activate “Dark Mode” in WhatsApp Web

If you want to get the dark theme on WhatsApp Web, you must make sure you have the latest version of the desktop app downloaded and follow these steps:

Open WhatsApp Web from your PC, apply for Windows and Mac.
Scan your QR code to open all the chats that appear on your cell phone.
Enter the Settings menu (the three dots), and then Themes, which is under Notifications.
Within Themes you can see if you have activated the light or dark mode, choose the second.
Now you will see that the entire application will change color automatically.

It is important to mention that WhatsApp Web also works from Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft and Safari browsers.

Change the color of the WhatsApp logo

If you are a Samsung, Xiaomi or Hussein’s user, you can customize the color of the WhatsApp icon on your phone by following this guide:

On Samsung phones, go to the Settings of the smartphone.

Go to Themes and choose the Icons option.
Select the one of your preference and click on Apply.
Now you will see that the WhatsApp logo has changed color.

On Xiaomi and Huawei phones, enter the Themes application and choose the Me option.

Select the icons that you like the most.

It is important to mention that not all apps allow you to change the logo, so it is likely that certain packages do not change the color of your WhatsApp.

An alternative is also to download more icon packs on Google Play and then apply them from the Nova Launcher application, which allows you to select between red, blue, yellow and more.

New emojis WhatsApp 2020
Every year, WhatsApp integrates new options to its large catalog of emojis that can satisfy the needs of users. The latter included the mototaxi, the tooth, the mate, the paella, the bat, the ostrich, among other 230 emoticons.

On this occasion, Emojipedia announced that some more will be added to the instant messaging platform at the end of 2020

The new emojis were chosen by the Emoji Subcommittee after “analyzing thousands of user-submitted proposals” around the world, considering the reasons why they should be included in the list and other data.

New WhatsApp emojis

The Faces and People category will receive a smiling emoji with an emotion tear, plus a man with a mustache and pronounced glasses, people hugging, a ninja, and a clenched hand.

The tuxedo and wedding suits will complement the catalog, as well as the woman and man feeding their baby from the bottle. Another character that will appear is Santa Claus without a mustache, and some human parts such as the heart and lungs.

The category of animals will be complemented with the polar bear, the beaver, a black cat, the mammoth, the dodo, the seal, the fly, the cockroach, the earthworm and among the plants there will be a flowerpot, wood, the rock and a feather. Among the foods will come the bubble tea, the kettle, the tamale, the olive, the pepper, the pita bread, the fondue and the blueberry.

WhatsApp will expand its places with a hut and also certain vehicles such as the pickup and the skateboard. Other important objects are the magic wand, a Russian doll, the sandal, the piñata with colored needle and thread, a handsaw, a military helmet, also a large coin, a boomerang, the accordion. There will also be the disassembled one, a mirror, the hook, the ladder, a window with curtains, a mousetrap, the poster, a toothbrush with Vine and the tombstone.

Finally, the flags section will add some popular symbols on social media such as transgender and elevator.

According to the consultancy Brandwatch, women on Twitter use emojis more, with 61%, unlike men who accumulate 39% of the total, and basically with an optimistic sense, with three-quarters of the meaning.

Send photos without losing quality on WhatsApp Web

When taking a photo and sending it to our friends in the instant messaging application, the quality is automatically reduced, this is due to two reasons:

Data storage.
Memory saving.

Somehow WhatsApp optimizes resources for the best operation of the application, preventing the phone memory from filling up and reducing the use of the user’s mobile data. So before we bother we should be grateful for taking care of our pockets, but when we are on a WiFi connection this is no longer a problem.

In WhatsApp Web, the version for tablet and PC, the process to send good quality files is the same. Although the size restriction is still present in this version, it is at least possible to share images in their maximum resolution, either in individual or group chats. Open WhatsApp Web and log in if you haven’t already done so and follow these steps:

Enter a chat.

Tap the clip icon to attach a file, located in the upper right corner.
Choose the option “Document” and select the file you want to send with good quality from your computer.

WhatsApp Web: how to make video calls with up to 50 people

The integration of WhatsApp and Facebook is more than evident in the latest version (2.20.139) for iOS and Android, something similar to what happened with Gmail and Google Meet.

Now the platform integrates Messenger Room in WhatsApp to extend the video call service to more participants, which was limited to 4 contacts.

Video calls on WhatsApp Web

The incorporation of video calls to WhatsApp Web is a great relief for those who use the service from their PC, since they will be able to answer without having to use the cell phone.

Within the WhatsApp options menu you can see the new direct access to Room, as a button that integrates the Messenger service.

By clicking on the Rooms button, the platform generates a direct link to join the Messenger Room call and share it with other contacts, regardless of whether they have been added as friends on the social network.

In this way, Facebook wants to deliver solutions to its loyal users to prevent them from moving to other applications such as Zoom or Google Meet.


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