WhatsApp Web: All the tricks of WhatsApp 2020


The most complete and updated guide with all the tricks of WhatsApp 2020 so that you get the most out of this application

Regardless of the user’s preferred operating system, from a mobile device to a PC, WhatsApp and WhatsApp Web have become one of the most important means of instant communication in recent years and here we collect all the tricks so far from 2020.

WhatsApp Web is the desktop tool for instant messaging service computers, allowing access to the app without having the phone in hand.

This guide teaches the most basic aspects to use WhatsApp Web without any problem, in the case of beginners; but it also includes the most advanced functions and latest updates to have the most complete domain in a very short time.

How to use WhatsApp Web on the computer

As previously mentioned, users can use WhatsApp Web on their computers thanks to the Web version, following these steps:

  • Open the WhatsApp Web page from the browser.
  • Open WhatsApp from the phone.
  • In the Menu there is a section for WhatsApp Web.
  • Once inside, the QR code displayed by the computer must be scanned.

Ready! After scanning the code, the WhatsApp Web session will be opened to start sending and receiving messages from the computer, although it is important to mention that the connection depends on the mobile device, so it is necessary that the phone be connected to the network to keep it open the session.


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