WhatsApp Web: About “Delete other messages”


This “Expired Media” feature is still under development, via the WhatsApp Beta version through the “Android” operating system.

Some users of the instant messaging platform WhatsApp face great suffering when it comes to sending a message through chat with other people, and the difficulty of deleting it, especially after a while.

According to the site “Times News Now”, the new WhatsApp update allows users for the first time to delete multimedia files from attachments, photos and videos from other people’s phones, this will apply in the same way with WhatsApp Web.

For the first time, the user will be able to delete any image, video clip or gif from someone else’s cell phone, after sending it to them, according to the Russian site “Sputnik”.

And WhatsApp called this feature “expired media,” which allows media to disappear after being displayed in chat, a feature similar to sending images on Instagram.

How to activate the new function in WhatsApp Web

There are a few steps to be followed to activate this feature, where the sender will have to select the “single view” button while sending the image, video, file or gif, and when the file appears on the recipient’s phone, the user sees it, and the blue mark appears in the middle, it will disappear as soon as you exit the chat.

And when the user returns to the WhatsApp Web chat, a bubble will appear saying: “The offer has ended because the medium has expired.”

It should be noted that this feature is still under development, via the “WhatsApp Beta” version through the “Android” operating system, and it is expected that it will soon be attached to the permanent version of WhatsApp for all users.

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New WhatsApp Web design

And in early October, the world-famous messaging app was launched. واتساب “A new design will solve a problem that affects millions of users around the world.

WhatsApp Web’s redesign offers an innovative way to utilize the storage department and solve the slowdown that millions of people around the world are experiencing with their phones, “Sputnik” reported, citing “Times News Now.”

Although the new update is still experimental for a limited number of users through the “beta” version on the “Android” operating system, it is expected to be compatible with all WhatsApp users in the next period.

The update introduces fixes and improvements, as well as a new user interface and storage tools.


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