WhatsApp Web: A new function will come to the platform


WhatsApp continues to launch and prepare new functions to remain attractive to users

International press reports revealed that the world’s most popular instant messaging platform WhatsApp has introduced a completely new design that can save user phones from the slowdown trap. Times News Now published a report referring to the redesign of WhatsApp, which offers a new method of using the storage section in the application.

Although the new update is still experimental for a limited number of users through the “beta” version on the “Android” operating system, it is expected to be compatible with all WhatsApp users in the next period. The WhatsApp update provides fixes and improvements, plus a completely new user interface and storage tools. We will have to wait for the changes to take place on WhatsApp Web.

The “WhatsApp” application redesigns the entire storage use section, dividing it into three parts. The first section contains a modern storage bar to understand the part of the space your media files take up, while the second section helps to review all shared files to remove unnecessary media, so that users can free up space on their phone. .

The third section, on the other hand, consists of your conversations, where users also have the option to search for a specific conversation in the final section.

New WhatsApp feature on the way

It’s worth noting that WhatsApp Web is testing a new feature that will give users the option to delete an image, video, or GIF photo after sending it, add an Expired Media or “media expiration” feature, discovered by the experts at WhatsApp WABetaInfo The ability to delete the media after the recipient views it and exits the chat, and the report states that this feature is scheduled to hit the beta version of WhatsApp for Android version 2.20.2011, which is currently ” in development “and without a release date, I mentioned WABetaInfo. Last month, WhatsApp has also been working to provide messages that will be automatically deleted after a specific period of one week.

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