WhatsApp Web: 5 App Tools to Use at Work


Learn about some of the WhatsApp Web functions that every office worker should know about.

WhatsApp Web is the browser-based version of WhatsApp, and it is becoming more and more common for users to use it at work.

Leaving aside the great advantage of typing on a physical keyboard and being able to see all shared messages and files on a computer screen, the WhatsApp web application has unique functions that you can take advantage of in the office.

If you want to know what we are talking about, Somagnews shares 5 WhatsApp Web tools that will be very useful at work.Let’s go with them

Best WhatsApp Web Tools to Use at Work

To use all these tools it is necessary that you have the latest version of WhatsApp installed on your phone and that you have also updated WhatsApp Web, in case the notification appears.

Assuming that you have already logged into your WhatsApp account on your PC or Mac, let’s go straight to what interests us:

1 Send and receive documents on WhatsApp Web

Probably one of the best features WhatsApp Web has is the compatibility with a large number of types of audio, video, image and text document formats.

Send one or more files at the same time from your computer by attaching them on WhatsApp Web: from spreadsheets, Word documents, PDFs, Power Point presentations, to images that you design yourself and everything else you can think of.

2 Video calls in Messenger Rooms

Although WhatsApp Web does not yet include the native function of calls and video calls from the PC, for some time we can already use the Messenger Rooms integrated into the main screen.

To compete with other services, WhatsApp included the ability to videoconference with up to 50 people sharing a link from Messenger Rooms. Just go to the WhatsApp Web options menu, select “create room” and follow the instructions.

3 Highlight messages with important links and files

For anyone who works in the office or who is working from home and shares important information all the time through WhatsApp, the function of highlighting messages is essential.

You can star posts by clicking on a specific post and selecting “Star” from the list of options. The message will still be there, but you will see a small star that will indicate that it is already in the “favorites” list.

You can use this trick to never lose links to presentations and important documents, addresses, photos, or any statement from your bosses that you want to always have on hand. To view the messages at any time, just go to the WhatsApp Web options menu and choose “Featured”.

4 Mute notifications

Could there be anything more uncomfortable than receiving hundreds of notifications from your work group, a colleague you frequently chat with, or even your family group, while working?

Solve it by going to WhatsApp Web settings, select Settings and then Notifications. Check or uncheck the box you want to change.

5 Track information within a chat

If the moment passed and you couldn’t highlight a message, don’t worry, you can still find it in the sea of ​​information in your work.

Just click on the search bar above your profile picture and type the word or words of the message you want to find. You can also do it directly in the chat of the contact in question.

Keep in mind that this WhatsApp Web function can only be exploited if you have not deleted the chat where that valuable information was.


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