WhatsApp Web: 10 Tricks We Bet You Didn’t Know


To help you make full use of WhatsApp Web, we have put together a list of 10 unknown tricks that WhatsApp Web offers.

Like the application, WhatsApp Web is used by millions of users, especially at the time when everyone is working from home due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Although we know most of the functions available on WhatsApp Web, there are some that many of us do not know.

Web allows you to create Messenger Room: this function is not yet available in the WhatsApp messaging application. WhatsApp launched the Messenger Room feature last month. The feature only requires you to add contacts you want to have a group call with in the Messenger Room. The Create room option is available on the WhatsApp Web home screen, just click on the three dots and select Create room.

Can’t download or search for a new sticker pack – The WhatsApp app allows users to add new sticker packs, but that is not the case with the web version. In the web version, users cannot download a new sticker pack. It will show only those already downloaded. Users will be able to select any of the downloaded stickers and send them to their contact.

Easy to find friends you contact frequently: The feature is also available in the WhatsApp app, but on the web it is easy to find. Just click on the message icon at the top of the window and it will display all the contacts you frequently contact.

You will not be able to add a new status: Yes, if you want to add a status in WhatsApp that will not be possible in the web version.
Nor can you verify who verified the status: WhatsApp Web only shows the status that the user has uploaded using the application. There is no way for users to see who checked the status. Use the application to check the contacts who have seen the status.

Search for messages in individual chats: If you are looking for a particular message that a contact has sent, go to the individual chat, click the search icon, and type the keyword for the message. This feature is not available in the WhatsApp application.

You cannot open the same WhatsApp account in two different windows: similar to the application, the web also cannot open a WhatsApp account in two different windows. If you try to open the same WhatsApp account in two different windows, it will ask users to use the account in one window.


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