WhatsApp uses stories to track users


Although stories are a powerful dissemination tool, WhatsApp also used advertisements in newspapers to improve its image, affected by the new privacy policy. The intention is to calm users who, since the beginning of the controversy, have migrated to competitors Signal and Telegram. In India, those responsible for the application used printed newspapers to explain the new rules.

As disclosed by Reuters on Thursday (14), WhatsApp has published in ten Indian newspapers with the title “WhatsApp respects and protects your privacy”, in free translation. The source indicates that, just last week, the company disbursed tens of millions of rupees with the action.

This is an emergency measure in view of the rapid growth of competitors. According to the consultancy Sensor Tower, the number of downloads of Signal rose from 15 thousand to 7.1 million between January 5 and 12. Telegram registered an increase of 40%. WhatsApp, on the other hand, fell by 30%.

WhatsApp uses stories to keep users

The company has used efforts in different media to contain the damage. This includes not only newspapers, but also stories. The released sequence includes four images and is presented to the public with the phrase “we are committed to your privacy”.

Supervisory bodies require explanations

The negative reaction does not occur only on the part of the users. Inspection bodies from several countries have already spoken out. While WhatsApp is under investigation in Turkey, India and Italy the company will have to provide more details about the new policy. The same happened in Brazil, after Senacon and Procon-SP requested clarification of the application.

After the repercussion of the new privacy policy, the app decided to make some changes. “We are now stepping back from the date when people will be asked to review and accept the terms. No one will have their account suspended or deleted on February 8, ”announced the company.