WhatsApp: There is malware spreading via APP


In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, a cyber virus now arises that is transmitted through WhatsApp.

Somagnews reports on the recently discovered virus, which is spreading rapidly through WhatsApp. Yes, although it is not a virus like Sar-CoV-2, it is damaging devices, stealing accounts and more.

The malware was discovered by Lukas Stefanko, who has a master’s degree in Computer Engineering from the Technical University of Kosice, and pointed out that this cyber virus takes advantage of the rapid response functions of instant messaging applications, especially WhatsApp.

This pretends to be an official Huawei application that when installed we must accept it and give the application permissions, obtaining privileges to send messages.

The malware spreads through the victim’s WhatsApp, responding automatically to all notifications received by sending a link to a malicious mobile application.

Identify the WhatsApp virus

The threat reaches the user through a message from the “attacker”, but with this malware the attacker becomes the user who was previously infected, so the people who end up spreading it are the victims themselves.

The message that reaches the victim invites him to install a fake Huawei application from a website that looks like the Google Play Store.

The malware requests permissions to send notifications and in this way takes advantage of WhatsApp’s quick response function, even being able to send the message with the mobile blocked.


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