WhatsApp tests its function to mute archived messages

WhatsApp – which recently started to “lose” users to Telegram and Signal – can implement a new function in its Android application that can reach to give a little “peace” to users who archive specific conversations in the messenger. The “read later” mode that is currently being tested by the app will arrive to replace or improve the current function of archiving chats.

Currently, when a conversation is archived and the contact sends a new message, the chat window “goes up” to the main chat list, even after the user silences their messages. The new feature, however, will prevent this behavior and, once a message is moved to the “read later” area, it will not be returned to the main box anymore, unless the user does it manually.

When opening the “Read later” screen, the application makes a brief presentation of the function: “Archived now is‘ read later ’. To reduce interruptions, conversations with new messages will remain here and you will no longer receive notifications. ”

When adding a conversation to the list for reading in the future, the application displays a fixed message at the top of the screen to alert you that new messages in this area will be mutated to reduce interruptions. This will be the default behavior of the messenger, but, if desired, the user can define in the application settings to return to be as before and receive new messages of conversations “archived” as soon as they arrive.

For now the resource has not started to be released, but the function has already been noticed by the WABetaInfo staff in the source code of the Beta version of WhatsApp, under build number For now there is no forecast for the arrival of the functionality in a stable way or even for the version of the application for iOS devices.

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