WhatsApp is testing a number of new features to make life easier for its users


WhatsApp, which constantly tries to provide a better experience for its users with its innovations and bug fixes, is working on a number of new features that will provide ease of use.

WhatsApp is preparing to bring new features for both Android and iOS. These new features that will offer some ease of use within the application are still in the testing phase. In addition to improvements to regulate storage usage, there are new features that will allow users to search for messages by date and clear messages other than starred messages.

What are the tested features for iOS and Android users?

One of the most remarkable features tested for iOS is the option to search messages by date. At the same time, the option to search on Google is among the innovations tested for iOS, instead of transmitting the images that are sent many times. This feature was previously announced for Android users, and it seems to be rolling out to iOS users soon. For Android, filtering options are being tested according to their size and whether they are old or new. In this way, it will be much easier to find what is wanted in messaging.

We can think that the feature of searching images on Google is a step taken to prevent fake news that is transmitted by repeatedly transmitting on WhatsApp. Considering that Facebook has been very sensitive on this issue recently, it is likely that it will try to establish similar control mechanisms on WhatsApp.

At the same time, a feature is being developed that allows users to exclude some messages, keeping some messages out. This feature is not new, but some arrangements are being made to prevent the selected messages from being deleted due to problems in the storage area.

WhatsApp still holds the feature of being one of the most preferred messaging applications in the world and it is very important at this point to make the application more practical and functional with user-friendly innovations. Of course, these features are still in the testing phase, and how much will be available or what changes will occur until they are released.


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