WhatsApp Terms And Conditions: Everything You Need To Know Before May 15


WhatsApp: Surely neither WhatsApp nor Facebook expected everything that was involved when at the beginning of the year they timidly announced new terms and services to accept quickly and that’s it. 5 months later, we are 48 hours away from a deadline that has caused everything from a massive exodus from WhatsApp to other messaging applications such as Telegram or Signal, to even Germany having declared this action illegal and imposed a ban on Facebook.

But, why so much controversy on the subject?

New Terms and Services for WhatsApp

It all starts right after Reyes, on January 8: The app undergoes a modification in its Conditions and Privacy policy that involves data sharing with Facebook. In other words: if you do not accept that your WhatsApp data be shared with the Facebook social network, you will not be able to continue using WhatsApp. Keep in mind that the app collects data from you every time you use it, and potentially it is these that would pass from WhatsApp to Facebook.

And it is that the tone also has its importance, because Facebook does not give you to choose, but it imposes: either you accept it, or the only alternative that the social network offers is that you unsubscribe your WhatsApp account. From here, things skyrocket, and even personalities like Elon Musk come out advising you to delete your WhatsApp now and switch to other apps like Signal, much safer and without the shadow of Facebook around.

Conditions poorly explained?

Days later, Facebook itself defended itself, noting that this data sharing -for purposes such as customizing the ads- would only be collected from those chats or information shared with those companies or companies that use WhatsApp Business.

Basically, the company wants to make it clear that at no time will our calls or private messages be recorded, nor that it will share this type of information with Facebook. It will only collect certain information from communications with companies through WhatsApp Business for the sole purpose of displaying related or personalized advertising.


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