WhatsApp teaches users to fight disinformation in the pandemic


WhatsApp messenger launched a content package that helps users understand the role of the app during the new coronavirus pandemic. The so-called “special collection of materials” serves both for health professionals to make better use of the tools available and for the general public, which can help to improve the application environment.

The materials are audios, videos and infographics with general explanations about the app, using an intuitive and objective language. The idea is not just that you read, hear or watch everything, but also share it with friends and family. All content is available in Portuguese, English and Spanish on the WhatsApp page with downloads of resources about the covid-19.

Among the infographics, for example, there is a primer on how the elderly can better use WhatsApp to stay connected with family members, tips on how to fight spam or misinformation and a step-by-step how to schedule a medical appointment just using the platform.

To download the collection, just access the website and click on each item (the options in Portuguese are at the bottom of the page).


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