WhatsApp: Surprised For Mother’s Day


WhatsApp has released a new sticker pack on the occasion of Mother’s Day. A new WhatsApp sticker pack named “Mama Love” was announced for Mother’s Day, which will be celebrated on May 9 this year. The package is currently available on Android and iOS systems all over the world.

Mother’s Day move from WhatsApp

WhatsApp, which provides convenience to users with new updates and content from time to time, does not forget special days. There are a total of 11 different stickers in the Mother’s Day sticker collection, which it published specifically for May 9, that is tomorrow. These stickers appear not only visually but also in motion.

The new sticker pack is available for download on WhatsApp and the content can be accessed from the sticker store. To download, first open a chat in WhatsApp and tap the emoji button. Select the eject icon from the bottom tray and tap the ‘+’ button. You will then be taken to the WhatsApp sticker store. Here you will see the first sticker pack, which is the Mama Love sticker pack. You can now get the package by tapping the arrow button to download.

Also, after downloading the Mother’s Day sticker pack, let’s add it to your personal library. You can also add these images to favorites by long pressing the sticker and selecting Add to favorites. As you know, WhatsApp regularly publishes sticker packs for important occasions. As you may remember, he recently introduced a sticker pack for Earth Day and Ramadan. WhatsApp also released six new sticker packs earlier this week.

In addition, the application is working on a feature that will make it easier for users to search for stickers. The new feature will be to show sticker suggestions based on what you have written in the chat bar. If you have word-related stickers in your library, WhatsApp will suggest them to you. So you will be able to use these stickers easily in your chats.

New development regarding the WhatsApp user agreement

While WhatsApp continues to add new content and features, the user agreement announced a long time ago will expire in the week. However, he did not specify what sanctions will be faced by those who do not accept this contract within the given period. The application, which became the target of criticism arrows due to the contract to be implemented, had to take a step back in 2020. Since this period, most of the content of the contract has been updated and the deadline has been given until May 15th.


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