WhatsApp Starts Releasing Bigger Previews For External Links


This Tuesday (17), WhatsApp released a new function for users in the testing program. Now, the platform is testing larger previews for shared links, providing a better sense of its content. The news was revealed shortly after the launch of the transfer of conversations from iOS accounts to Android, giving rise to a series of other updates.

Although simple, the change will provide greater security to users, who will be able to more easily assess the content of shared links and avoid scams, embarrassing situations or other problems. The new preview format will resemble the one used for images and videos.

To evaluate the new feature, you must be in the WhatsApp testing program and have the beta version of the app for Android, or for iOS users. The function is still being rolled out gradually, so you may need to wait up to 24 hours to receive it even after the update.


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