WhatsApp shows stickers to support COVID-19 vaccination


WhatsApp announced, on Tuesday (06), the launch of a package of special stickers in support of vaccination against covid-19. The action is a partnership of the application with the World Health Organization (WHO).

Called “Vaccines for All”, “Vaccine for all” in direct translation, the collection is now available to all users. The idea, according to the app, is to offer people a fun and creative way to express the joy, relief and hope brought by immunization.

In addition, the stickers are a tribute and a way of thanking “health professionals, true heroes who continue to work to save lives during these difficult times”.

WhatsApp explained that, since the beginning of the pandemic, it has entered into partnerships with more than 150 municipal, state and federal governments and entities such as WHO and UNICEF, to offer channels of support and information on the coronavirus.

“We want to help governments and international organizations to reach as many people as possible around the world with information and services related to vaccination, especially people in places that are difficult to access or belong to marginalized groups. In addition, we waived the fees normally charged for sending messages through the WhatsApp Business API ”, clarified the application.

Andy Pattison, leader of the WHO Digital Channels team, said the stickers are intended to encourage immunization and represent hope. “Vaccines are a game changer, but for now, we must continue to wear masks, follow social distance, avoid crowds, ventilate indoor spaces and keep hands very clean,” he recalled.

WhatsApp has an account with a chatbot in Portuguese, in partnership with the WHO, for reliable information about the coronavirus. To contact the WHO Health Alert, simply add the number +41798931892 to your contact list and send a “hi” or click on the link https://wa.me/41798931892?text=oi.


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