WhatsApp scams promise emergency aid; know how to protect yourself


Fake chains that promise to register emergency aid 2020 have been circulating on WhatsApp for the past week. The scams use as bait the measure taken to protect part of the Brazilian population during the pandemic of the new coronavirus. The messages contain fraudulent links for the user to make an alleged registration in the program. Another text promises to check if the person is entitled to emergency assistance and then offers to unlock and release the values ​​online.

Using events of great repercussion to apply scams is a common practice among cybercriminals. Therefore, it is necessary to take some care with currents and information disclosed, especially in times of crisis. In the following list, you can answer your questions about how emergency aid will work during the Covid-19 pandemic and find out more about how to identify fake chains and fake news on WhatsApp.

What is 2020 emergency aid?
The 2020 emergency aid program, also known as “minimum income” or “coronavoucher”, is a Bill (PL) approved on Monday (30) by the Federal Senate. The measure releases a payment of R $ 600 to informal workers over a period of three months, due to the crisis generated by the new coronavirus pandemic. The text goes to the sanction of President Jair Bolsonaro (without party).

According to the project, up to two members of the same family will be able to receive emergency aid. In the case of women who support their homes with their own and unique income, it will be possible to accumulate two benefits individually. Issues related to when the emergency aid payment will be released and how the payment will be made are still being defined by the Federal Government. The measure may have its validity extended.

Who is entitled to emergency aid?
Emergency assistance is aimed at informal workers over the age of 18 who meet certain requirements. According to the Bill, beneficiaries must have a monthly income of up to half a minimum wage per person or up to three minimum wages for the whole family. In addition, anyone who received taxable income above R $ 28,559.70 in 2018 or gains retirement or assistance benefit, with the exception of Bolsa Família, will not be able to receive emergency aid.

How to get emergency aid?
Chains shared via WhatsApp that promise to consult emergency aid are false. The malicious links present in the texts direct the user to a page on which people must complete a questionnaire with their data. Regardless of what is answered, the victim receives a positive response and the false right to emergency assistance is approved.

GOVERNMENT has just released the registration of EMERGENCY AID in the amount of R $ 600.00 to R $ 1,200.00. Scheduling must be done in the official APP – says the misleading message.

The Special Secretariat for Social Development of the Ministry of Citizenship has positioned itself through its official portal stating that the registration site for receiving emergency assistance is false. The Government agency also stated that “the operationalization of payments is still being defined”.

How to identify fraudulent chains on WhatsApp?
During the Covid-19 pandemic period, several scams have circulated through WhatsApp. The chains promised Netflix subscriptions for free, in addition to the distribution of alcohol gel and masks, for example. You have to be wary of messages that offer something to the user in exchange for data or access to certain links.

In addition, the “Forwarded” tag, present in forwarded messages, shows that the user who sent it is not the author of the text. Even when the sender is a person of trust, it is valid to do a search on the content before accessing the link or forwarding the chain.

How to report fake news on WhatsApp?
Combating these scams can be done by all users. It is possible to report fake news on WhatsApp, for example, in just a few steps. To do this, open a conversation and touch the three vertical dots located in the upper right corner of the screen. Then press “More” and then the “Report” option. When doing this, a small window will appear on the screen to confirm the action. To finish, tap “Report”.

Complaints related to the new coronavirus can also be made through the official WhatsApp of the Ministry of Health. To carry out the procedure, simply add the number (61) 99289-4640 and forward the questionable information. The channel serves exclusively to check if the news shared on the subject is false or true.


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