WhatsApp-related scam that the government will help

There is nothing like a fact that attracts the attention of the world and a mass use application to combine two of the factors that every cybercriminal looks for. On this occasion, WhatsApp and a message about the Coronavirus are once again the axis on which a Phishing scam is articulated that has the same objective as always: Steal user data.

Bulo by WhatsApp: Food Card Program

This time, whoever has mounted the scam has been truly cruel, since he has created it seeking to take advantage of the hopelessness of the thousands of people and families who are having a really bad time because of the economic downturn we are experiencing. It all begins with a message that is circulating through WhatsApp in which it is used as bait that the Government is granting cash vouchers and purchase orders of the Alimentary Card Program due to COVID-19, with the name ‘Programa Tarjeta de Family’.

This message is accompanied by a link that redirects to a web page, where personal information is requested and a survey is requested to be completed in order to obtain the supposed Food Card. After filling in the form and the survey, the user is redirected to another page where they are told that to complete the request they must forward the message to 10 groups or friends through WhatsApp.

This is the time when cybercriminals have already taken over your personal data and are also looking for a way to spread the chain to get hold of your contact data.

Identify fake messages on WhatsApp
This case can serve as an example to see a pattern in discerning a false message from a true one. According to INCIBE, if we analyze in detail the content of the message and the web, there are signs that we are facing a deception. For example:

On the website itself, there is no mention of the Government, logos, for example, nor is it explained which citizens can supposedly request assistance.
It is not possible to see terms, conditions, privacy policies, contact, etc. on the web, so we do not know who is behind it at any time, or what they will do with the data they collect.
It is strange that the request for help can be made by any citizen, including children, something that does not make much sense.
If it is a government aid, it should be published on the official government website, and not on another that has nothing to do with it.
Why is it necessary to share the message with 10 contacts on WhatsApp to receive help? It does not make sense for a serious process, such as requesting a government aid.



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