WhatsApp recovers its Vacation mode: What is it


One of the most useful for many users, the WhatsApp Archive Chat function allows you to hide a conversation from the Chats tab and access it again whenever you want, allowing the app to organize conversations with your contacts as you want . A gentle way to ignore someone without having to get to the point of lockdown for sure.

The problem was that when you received a new message in that particular chat that you had archived, the conversation would leave the archive and return to the active chats list, so if you wanted to remove it from this you had to archive it again. And so on constantly.

WhatsApp Vacation mode

Discovered at the end of 2018, the new Vacation mode comes to replace this, since once activated in Options -it is removed by default-, the ‘Vacation Mode’ prevents a chat that we have archived from leaving again if it receives a new message, keeping that conversation in the file without leaving until the user decides. Vacation mode, which is based on Silent mode, also works well for WhatsApp groups – what a blessing.

In 2019, WhatsApp brought us a little surprise in the form of a name change. Because now, the Vacation Mode became the Ignore Archived Chats function in WhatsApp Beta 2.19.101. But in February this year, the Wabetainfo portal discovered that the mode had been removed from development. And when we already gave it up for lost, this week the mode has reappeared in version of the beta for Android, with changes and also maintaining its original name: Vacation Mode

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