WhatsApp postpones changes to privacy terms


WhatsApp announced on Friday (15) that it will postpone the entry into force of its new privacy policy for three months, the most controversial point of which is the obligation to share users’ data with Facebook. The update in terms of use was scheduled to take effect on February 8.

Criticized by the changes and seeing many users starting to install rival apps like Signal and Telegram, known for their greater privacy concerns, the messenger said he had postponed the launch of the new policy until May 15.

Also according to the note posted on the official WhatsApp blog, “no one will have their account suspended or deleted on February 8,” referring to the requirement to agree to the terms to continue using the app. The company had said that anyone who disagreed could no longer continue on the platform from that date.

During this extra time, the messenger promises to clarify better how data privacy and the security of information circulating in the service will work. “There has been a lot of misinformation causing concern, we want to help everyone understand our principles and facts,” wrote the company.

Policy will not be changed

Despite postponing the entry into force of the new terms of use, WhatsApp will not change the obligation to allow the use of data by Facebook, according to The Verge. That is, as of May 15, it will be necessary to agree with the sharing policy to continue in the messenger.

According to the vehicle, the company hopes to use these extra weeks to better deal with all the controversies created around the change, sending a more accurate message about the changed points.


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