WhatsApp: Photos deleted when you quit chat


Seen in the Beta versions of the app, Disappearing Messages consists of sending messages with a time counter for their ‘self-destruction’, so that they are deleted by themselves after a certain time, a time that we can customize. In this way, we can send a message with a countdown that will delete it when it reaches 0. Basically the same as Snapchat, but with WhatsApp messages.

WhatsApp Beta Expiring Media

As the experts at WABeta Info tell us, WhatsApp works on a new function by which it will introduce the automatic deletion of images, videos and GIFs sent in conversations. And this one, called ‘Expiring Media’, has been seen in the test version WhatsApp Beta Android -for the moment only in Android, the Beta version of iOS does not have it yet.

The feature, like self-destructing messages, allows you to send images, videos, and GIFs that will automatically disappear once you exit the chat. That is, if you send someone multimedia content with this programmed function, when you finish talking and leave the conversation, it will auto-delete at that time.

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