WhatsApp “periodical messages” details: How will it be?


We gave you the good news that WhatsApp will have different features recently. Not too long after that, he shared the details of the periodic messages feature on the WhatsApp support page. Here are the answers to the questions about the WhatsApp periodic messages feature:

What is known about the WhatsApp temporary messages feature

To remind you, WhatsApp has recently offered its users the option to close the determined chats forever, not 1 year. After the release of this feature, periodical messages or media feature came to the fore. It was a matter of curiosity how this feature will be and how it will meet with users.

The popular messaging platform, which wanted to answer the question marks in minds, published an official article. Here are the details of the feature:

You can send time messages via WhatsApp by activating the periodical messages feature. When this feature is enabled, new messages sent in an individual or group chat disappear after seven days. The most recent choice you make applies to all messages in the chat.

This setting does not affect messages you’ve previously sent or received in chat. In individual chats, both users can enable or disable serials. In group chats, serials can only be enabled or disabled by group administrators. ‘‘

WhatsApp süreli mesajlar özelliği

-If a user does not open WhatsApp within seven days, the message will disappear. However, the preview of the message may continue to appear in notifications until WhatsApp is opened.

-When you reply to a message, the replied message is quoted. When you reply to a timed message, the quoted text can remain in the conversation seven days later.

– Serial messages transmitted to a chat in which timed messages are disabled will not disappear from the chat they are transmitted.

– If users create backup before the message disappears, the serial message is included in the backup. Serial messages are deleted when users restore the backup.

Note: Use timed messages only with people you trust. Because, for example, the person you’re texting to:

-It can transmit a temporary message before it disappears or save it by taking a screenshot.

– Before the serial message disappears, it can copy and save the content of the serial message.

– Before the serial message disappears, it can take a photo of the periodical message using a camera or another device.

In addition to these, there is a separate explanation for the media in continuous messages. Here, the following sentences take their place:

By default, media you receive on WhatsApp are automatically downloaded to your photos. When timed messages are enabled, sent media disappears from chat, but is saved on the phone if auto download is turned on. You can disable the automatic download feature in WhatsApp by going to Settings> Data and Storage Usage.

Thanks to these explanations, which are more understandable for users, the use of the feature becomes clearer and more understandable.


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