WhatsApp Pay is approved and starts to work in India


The payments and money transfer service via WhatsApp is officially approved for the first time in a country. India is the first place where the platform was authorized to operate, with the news already starting to air as of this Friday (6).

This means that people in India can now use WhatsApp to send money to contacts or make payments for services and products offered by commercial accounts. Owner of the messenger, Facebook confirmed the arrival of the feature through a post on the official blog of the social network and even Mark Zuckerberg recorded a video explaining some of the uses of the new function.

Initially, testing of the WhatsApp payment system began in 2018 in India, one of the countries with the largest market for the chat platform and site that is usually the first to test new features – including filters to combat disinformation. However, it took time for the company to adjust the function of the function and obtain approval from the National Payments Corporation of India (NPCI), the government entity responsible for regulating new means of payment.

At launch, five large Indian banks are already confirmed and it is necessary to register a new PIN that will be requested to confirm each transfer. Now, the company plans to expand the novelty to be used in rural regions of the country.

This way?

Brazil continues to regulate the payment system. The service was announced in June 2020 and, a few days later, suspended by the Central Bank until all risk assessments were completed. According to Cielo, WhatsApp’s partner in the contract, the operation should be released in November 2020.

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