WhatsApp On Multiple Devices: More Usage Details Are Revealed


WhatsApp: In a recent interview, WhatsApp confirmed that the platform would now support the use of multiple devices for a single account. This Saturday (19), the website WABetaInfo, specializing in the messenger, released more details about the functionality.

Initially, in practical terms, the application can be used on four devices simultaneously, including a cell phone. Thus, the user does not need to remain online on the main device to use WhatsApp Web, desktop or version for Portal, Facebook smart screen.

In a screenshot shared by the website, initial implementation issues are also reported. For example, you will not be able to make calls on any device (or web and desktop versions) in older versions of WhatsApp. Performance and quality should also be affected in this testing period.

Regarding compatibility, support for multiple devices will work from both Android and iOS. In an interview published earlier this month, WhatsApp CEO Will Cathcart confirmed that the functionality should be released within two months. Still no specific date, it is expected, therefore, that it will be released in mid-August.

shared history

Another detail that has already been revealed about the implementation is related to the conversation history. It can be migrated between Android and iOS devices, but WhatsApp will require the user to update the app before performing the migration.

If the user chooses to use the feature, which should be launched in beta format initially, their voice calls can also be linked between devices.

It is still not clear, but there is also the possibility for the user to connect two cell phones at the same time. However, the first version will only cover the aforementioned apps and platforms.


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